The many types of wood & stain we use!

Here you can find the type of stain colors we offer as well as the types of wood we use for our projects.

This is a great place to start when trying to figure out what type of wood you should use for your project, as each wood type stains differently.

Wood Types

Wood comes in various grains and details and there are no two pieces of wood that look exactly the same.

This means every piece of wood is beautifully unique and will respond to the stains we have in different ways. The swatches we provide are an accurate representation of how your piece will look with each stain, but the wood grain will vary for each product.

Ash is our go-to wood type and our personal favorite to work with. It is the wood we use for almost all of our projects, as it shares the beauty of oak, with the affordability that most customers desire! It's also special to us, as many Ash trees are dying prematurely.

Cedar is the perfect wood for the great outdoors and its iconic appearance brings warmth to most stain colors.

Maple is a type of hardwood that varies between detailed and simple grain and makes for a clean and even color when applying stain.

Oak is another type of hardwood and its unique and high contrast grain is the most recognizable of the types of wood we carry. It makes for the most elegant and antique styled products.

Pine is the most structurally reliable and attainable wood types on the market and is perfect for extensive building projects or for simple engraved pieces.

Poplar has one of the softest, finest grains in our selection, and when carving engravings into it, it cuts cleanly and makes for sharp designs. Perfect for large signs as it is lightweight.

Stain Colors

Below, you will find more information on the different colored stains we use, and what each color looks like on the different wood types we carry.


Golden Oak



Red Oak

Special Walnut