About Us

What we do and who we are.

Anchor Valley | Custom Wood Designs

William Bowman & Sachleane Smythe

It started with an idea, a need to share the freedom of creativity with others.

We both love the look of wood and how it spices up any home interior. So what came next? Inspiring others to see the potential in their own homes. Giving ideas to those who want to give something special to their loved ones, or simply fill an empty wall in a room.

After taking a few baby steps and slowly dipping our toes into the medium, we were entirely won over by the satisfaction of creating beautiful works of wooden art from a variety of different types of wood.

Now with our website up and running, and our creative minds full of ideas, we are ready and willing to help create the perfect piece for your home, and the homes of those you love and cherish.

A Warm Welcome,

Will and Sach



Will Bowman

The mind behind the creation of Anchor Valley. Without Will’s determination and woodworking capabilities, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Never satisfied with “Good Enough”, Will constantly strives for the absolute best for the business and especially our customers.

Sachleane Smythe

Where Anchor Valley and all of our projects get their creative flair. Sachleane brings great expertise as well as experience to the design table.

She’s not afraid of a challenge and will often take on many responsibilities, while bringing about the best quality possible.

The Shop

Our home away from home! The Anchor Valley shop is full of all sorts of awesome tools that help us create the best products we can make for our customers.

Our mighty tool list so far: Shapeoko CNC Machine ‘Shapey’, Ryobi Router Table, Ryobi Router with Bits, King Jointer, King Planer, Rigid Table Saw. Plus three new additions; a Ryobi Belt Sander, Tabletop Drill Press, and a Cabinet Band Saw!

The Machine

Say hello to our very own Shapeoko CNC Machine. We’re the brains and the creativity behind the pieces we make, and little ‘Shapey’ here is the muscle. It seamlessly carves the designs we make for our customers!

We take pride in the knowledge we’ve gained in order to run the machine and keep it functional and we’re excited to share some of that with you:

In order to operate the machine we need exact measurements, tool paths, a leveled carving surface, proper router bits (which need changing for each tool path type), a flawless design, a zeroed X axis, Y axis and Z axis, and proper tool settings (like pass depth, spindle speed, and plunge rate).

It's crazy that so much technicality is involved in making a single piece of carved, wooden art, and it amazes us every time we make something!

Now that you know who we are, let us get to know you!

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